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From the Desk of Matthew Denehy:

As you may well know, Agile Insurance Advice started life in 2015 when I left my previous firm in Northern NSW and was joined not long after by a long time industry friend, Chris McCall. We have both worked hard to build our company with a specific focus of looking after our clients and bringing back provision of quality advice rather than a cookie cutter transaction.

When we started Agile, we joined together with two other organisations from Perth and formed Oracle Group (Australia) Pty Ltd who ultimately hold our Australian Financial Services Licence; and trade as Oracle Group Insurance Brokers. However; on the Gold Coast we continued to trade under the Agile Insurance Advice brand and together, over the last three years we have grown the business to have a national footprint of offices in Perth, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Country Victoria as well as having 40 contractors spread across Australia and 30 staff within those offices manage some $50 million in client premiums.

As we have been growing this national business, we feel it is important to gain as much strategic leverage from the Oracle Group brand as possible and therefore have decided to rebrand our Gold Coast operations into the Oracle brand. Although this changes very little for you, we felt that this was important enough to tell you as we are excited about the future of Oracle and what we will be able to continue to deliver.

Part of this restructure is to allow the company to continue to grow and provide the necessary insurance and advice services that we have always provided. During our growth, Oracle has appointed myself to the position of Managing Director effective February 2019 when Oracle’s existing M.D. Steve Campbell stands down after being in this role for over the past 25 years that the company has been running. The Directors also agreed that State Director roles should be appointed. Chris McCall has taken on the Queensland State Director position along with Jane Martin in Victoria and Brent Campbell in Western Australia.

Part of this change of brand for Agile requires us to notify you of the Financial Services Guide for Oracle which we have attached to this email and will also be accessible on our website. If you have any questions on how we will operate in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our office and mobile phone numbers won’t change but you will notice that our emails will migrate to the Oracle Group format of [email protected] Our old Agile emails will divert to the new emails until further notice so you won’t lose us in this electronic world.

As I mentioned, not much will change on a day to day level, only the Oracle branding will take over from Agile as our quality insurance advice team consisting of Myself, Chris, Lucy, and Jenna. We also have Trisha who handles Oracle National administration and finance matters for the overall Oracle Group and our appointed, Pippa McInnes as Oracle’s Executive Assistant working from the Gold Coast office. If we can assist you in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

Kind regard,

Matthew Denehy
Executive Director